Website Launch

Developer Blog

Ahoy! (and a very warm welcome)

Until now, Ahoy’s web presence has been solely on our social media pages and the official Discord server, however it has long been the plan to launch a companion website, which can act as a landing page for most people’s first time learning about the project and searching for more information.

Website Content

Now that the website is here, let’s take a few moments to explain what you can expect from it now, and into the future.

Of course, as of writing this, Ahoy is still very early in development. The content available to us to display on the website is limited, and so for the time being we’ve made use of some promotional artwork (as above) as well as some historical artwork in order to better represent the concepts as we explain them.

As development continues, these ‘placeholder’ images will be replaced with something more representative of the game itself.

Developer Blog

The next area of note is the Development Blog. This space is intended as a way to update the community on progress during development, and in future, as a place for news, patch notes, and community updates.

The blog won’t be updated at regular intervals at this stage. One thing to be mindful of, is that frequent updates can sometimes hinder the ability to focus on development. Updates will be posted here as and when they are ready. If you would like to be informed about new posts when they happen, please follow our social channels, primarily Twitter and Discord.


In addition to the website, we’ve also created a wiki. This space is a place for further expansion of the core game design for both the Sailing & Combat (S&C) release, as well as the wider Persistent World release.

Right now, this wiki is only updated by the development team, however in future this can become a place for players to update with game-play data and notes, as well.

Media Gallery

While screenshots and videos are thin on the ground, we also have a Media Gallery. Check back here in future for more images from Ahoy, but for now you can find 5 wallpapers, featuring various versions of the promotional artwork.

That’s all for now! Thank you for checking out the new website.

Make sure to join the conversation in our Discord server, and follow or subscribe on our social channels for regular updates.