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February 2021




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Ahoy is an opportunity to explore a lost world of naval exploration, trade and combat. The year is 1770, and the reach of Empires knows no limits. A true first person multiplayer action/adventure game set during the Age of Sail. Providing an authentic interactive experience of the 18th century Caribbean through sailing, combat, trade and social mechanics.

In Ahoy, players work together to operate fully-recreated tall-ships of the period. Painstakingly recreated from architectural drawings, models and historical information, these ships are a marvel of engineering, craftsmanship, and artistry. As a crew, you will maintain the ship through a myriad of sea conditions and combat encounters.

A realistic multiplayer experience, showcasing the hardships of life at sea. Requiring immense teamwork to achieve victory, players work together in crews of up to 32 players per ship. Developed by a small independent team in Unreal Engine 5, Ahoy is planned for release on current-generation PCs. 

TBD / “When It’s Ready”

– Realistic 18th century naval combat

Ahoy features all of the hallmark features expected of a naval encounter. Devastating broadsides, agile sailing maneuvers, action-packed boarding actions. All that remains is the team-work to succeed.

– Immersive first person perspective
Ahoy’s focus on immersion through environmental details, an expressive audio landscape, and true first-person animation creates an incredible backdrop to explore this time in history.

– Fully interactive historical recreations of real ships
Every ship, lovingly recreated. Every interior room, rope, hoop and hinge is created based on real historical artifacts, drawings and models. Ahoy provides an educational experience in addition to it’s gameplay offering.

– Large-scale multiplayer conflicts
Multiplayer battles with up to 32 players per ship create for exciting engagements. With future plans to increase the scale of conflicts, Ahoy will provide a naval experience unlike any other.