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Ahoy is an immersive first-person multiplayer action-adventure game set during the Age of Sail. Aiming to provide an authentic experience of the late 18th century Caribbean through sailing, combat, trade and social mechanics.

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18 August 2021


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Core Features

Ahoy is a game about sailing - whether that's a peace-time voyage, or at the heart of a fierce naval engagement.

Tall-ship Sailing

Our aim is to capture an in-depth and complex sailing experience, with direct control over each sail. It will require a crew to correctly react to the changes in weather and sea-state, or maneuvering for combat encounters.

Naval Combat

Ahoy features all of the hallmarks of a great naval encounter. Devastating broadsides, agile sailing maneuvers, action-packed boarding actions—all that remains is the teamwork to succeed.

Historical Authenticity

Every ship, lovingly recreated. Every interior room, rope, hoop and hinge is built on real historical artefacts, drawings and models. Ahoy provides an educational experience in addition to it’s gameplay offering. Much of the terminology and methods used will be displayed and explained to deepen the understanding of this nautical lifestyle.

True First Person

Our focus on immersion through environmental detail, expressive audio landscapes, and a true first-person perspective creates an incredible backdrop to explore this time in history.

Large-scale Multiplayer

Multiplayer battles with up to 32 players per ship create for exciting engagements. With future plans to increase the scale of conflicts, Ahoy will provide a naval experience unlike any other.

And much more...

As Ahoy develops, the aim is to capture much of the experience of life in the late 18th century.
Our Development Roadmap outlines our goals for now and towards future releases of Ahoy.

Development Roadmap

Please use a desktop browser to view the development roadmap for Ahoy.

Ahoy is an ambitious project, made up of many stages of production. This project roadmap should outline the major steps we’re taking towards the future vision of the game, and provide a rough estimate of where we are, and where we’re going. Click on each milestone to read more about it...

Project Founded

February 2021

Ahoy was founded in February 2021. Since then the production has grown from a one-person project to a small but dedicated team.

Most of the progress during this time has been to establish methods to achieve certain results. In other words, R&D. It was important early on the ensure certain aspects of the project were achievable for our earlier prototyping milestones. It was understood at the start that the team will not be able to find a great number of contributors to help towards these earlier goals, and so it was a good idea to see where our limitations were.

Through this period, work also commenced on our first vessel; The Post-Ship, Phoebus.

Sailing & Combat - Prototype

To Be Decided

The Sailing & Combat (S&C) prototype represents the first playable version of Ahoy. Eventually being available publicly as an Early Access release, this milestone is focused on establishing the core naval experience of Ahoy. Primarily a combat demo, the Sailing & Combat prototype will showcase our first ship, with the ability to fully sail this vessel in a variety of ways. In addition, functioning naval guns and maintanence/repair mechanics will enable a simplified combat experience between two ships.

Sailing & Combat - Early Access

To Be Decided

This is the Early Access release for the previous Sailing & Combat prototype. In this release we expect there will be multiple ships to sail and fight with in a 'deathmatch' style server browser setup.

This release will explore the wider combat experience of Ahoy, including boarding action, melee & ranged person-to-person combat. Servers will be privately hosted by Capstan and players. The initial release will see a limited number of maps. Primarily open ocean environments with limited land representation. The maps will mostly differ in time of day and weather conditions for battle variety. Servers will have a conservative player limit.

S&C - Continued Development

To Be Decided

As the Sailing & Combat Early Access continues. We will continue to update the live release with more content. Primarily this will be a useful platform to experiment with gameplay features, however new maps, additional ships, ship & player customisation options, and other combat encounter types may be added.

Persistent World Prototype

To Be Decided

The core of this prototype is moving from a fixed battle game-loop, to a living, permanent world. This will involve the development of the planned full Caribbean map, additional ships, and a significant server infrastructure. Major ports will be explorable in 3D, while lesser ports will simply be presented with a temporary UI when anchoring nearby.

In addition to these features, early exploration for resource gathering and economy systems will begin. Social mechanics, such as voice chat, entertainment, and group systems will be explored, but not in-depth at this stage.

Ahoy - Early Access

To Be Decided

As a continuation to the prior prototype, the Ahoy Early Access release will enable players to explore the full Caribbean map. Further additions to the ship roster and 3D ports will be made, and the economy will be fully implemented. This release will be the first time players can try the full Ahoy experience, however there will be much in the way of future content updates and bug fixes.

Our plan is to roll this content into the previously released Sailing & Combat Early Access, which will no longer receive direct updates, but will remain as a combat-only experience, and may receive additional content via updates to the main game.

Early Access - Continued Development

To Be Decided

As with prior releases, the Ahoy Early Access will continue to receive updates to expand the number of 3D ports (and eventually, removing the temporary Port UI as it's use will be exhausted). The systems for founding new ports, capturing existing ports and partipating in national and port politics will be added. Further player and ship customisation options will be introduced, as well as further exploration of social mechanics.

Ahoy - Full Launch

To Be Decided

While Ahoy will never truly be 'complete', or indeed 'perfect', we will determine a release date during the continuing Early Access experience. This is nothing more than an opportunity to express the vision of Ahoy has been reached, but will not spell the end of updates, new content or further ambitions.

Last Updated: 12/07/2022

It is massively important to us that transparency between the team and yourself is always a priority, now and in the future. With that in mind, the goals set out here are ambitious and reliant on a lot of things falling into place as planned. Therefore, while we provide date estimates here, please know that all releases are subject to “when it’s finished”, and we will prioritize quality and smooth releases over rushed ones.

In addition to this, we post production updates on our Dev Blog, but even more frequently in our Discord server. If you would like to gauge where we are in our roadmap beyond the above guidance, please read these materials, as they provide the best view of our current progress.

On The Horizon

It is our belief that having a far-reaching plan ahead of us is the only way to understand where we are in the bigger picture of the Ahoy project, and where it is best to focus our efforts in the here and now.
With that in mind, we’re attempting to look to the horizon and see what Ahoy might be in the future, towards the latter parts of our Development Timeline. The wider view of what Ahoy could be is explained below, but also visible on our Ahoypedia wiki.

Deep Dive

During the earlier prototype stages, this expansive view of the project will not be available, however we want to share this vision with you in the hopes that we can all progress towards this goal. Let’s set the longer term vision for Ahoy.

It is our hope that Ahoy develops into a more persistant experience. The late 18th and early 19th centuries are a veritable treasure trove of stories, technological advancements, social change and strife. With this, it is our dream to capture that world and bring it to life.

Players working together (and, let’s be honest... Against each other) to found, blockade, capture and manage hundreds of Caribbean coastal settlements. Feeding a living economy, where the value of goods and ports fluctuates with player actions.

Nations rising and falling like the tides. Every battle influencing the tense diplomacy between each Nation, and players shaping their own futures through the opportunities of war and peace.

Perhaps you’ll live out your life as a simple seaman aboard a Navy vessel, hunting Pirates and enforcing the laws of the Crown.
Or maybe you’ll choose to climb the ranks and become a commisioned officer.

Perhaps you have your sights set on trade and commerce, and plan to build an empire of your own through monopolising a particular resource?
Or you have a vision to define the laws that govern others, and so take to the courts to pledge towards your chosen policies.

And what about today? Perhaps a gentle voyage along the coast of Mexico? Or are you smuggling pirated goods, and avoiding busy waters?

This is the vision for Ahoy; To create a world where your actions truly matter.