Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ahoy?

Ahoy is an ambitious project, which is attempting to faithfully recreate the living experience of the late 18th century. The game takes place in roughly 1770-1780, and covers a period of great conflict, the rise of new powers, and the fall of older ones.

Its scope is large, and plans to cover the entirety of the Caribbean at a world reduced scale. It will be a multiplayer-first experience, which almost always requires some amount of cooperation between you and your crew to properly sail ships of various sizes.

The game will be first-person, and focus on player interactions with their environment, including direct control over ship navigation, cannons, pumps, sails, and more. The larger game-play loop will involve contributing to a dynamic political sphere, where nation actions will impact diplomacy, military standing, and control over important ports and trade routes.

What is the “Sailing & Combat Prototype”?

The initial release of the project will be focused on establishing an enjoyable sailing and ship combat experience. We believe this is the core of Ahoy, especially for most players. The Sailing & Combat (otherwise referred to as “S&C”) represents this work.

Design work continues on the expanded persistent elements of the game (Referred to as “Persistent World” or “P.W.”), such as the economy, port management, resource gathering and transportation, player progression, and more. These future expansions to the scope of Ahoy will take a huge effort and are not going to be included in the first releases.

Historical Accuracy?

Yes, but to a point. We’re creating an authentic and faithful recreation, but ultimately game-play enjoyment and user experience must come first. If we feel that something “ahistorical” would dramatically improve the experience of Ahoy, we will absolutely consider including it. Equally, certain elements, such as map scale and ship rigging accuracy might differ for technical reasons.

Can I play Ahoy single-player?

Offline? No. The first release of Ahoy (Sailing & Combat Prototype) will be a lobby-based death-match, which requires a connection to the internet to experience. However you could potentially host a private server to test the sailing mechanics on the smallest available boats on your own. The full Ahoy experience will be always online, however there will be ways to enjoy the game in a solo or co-op capacity. Just don’t expect to be sailing the HMS Victory or Santísima Trinidad on your own 😉

When is Ahoy released?

When it’s finished! As of writing this, it’s painfully obvious that everything is a work in progress, but even if you are reading this in the far future, please see the Dev Blog or Discord server for the latest information about the status of the project.

Do you have a Patreon?

In short: Not yet!

We believe development should have progressed a little more before we start accepting financial contributions towards it. We appreciate your intended support hugely, though. Please follow along with the project, and we will notify you when something like this is available.

Can I contribute?

Absolutely! This project is huge, and will take the contribution of many wonderful people to complete. If you would like to join the project, please see the “Join” page on the Capstan Games website If you would like to contribute in a less official capacity, feel free to support the project on social media, or engage in conversation here and answer other peoples questions about Ahoy.

I have more questions for you…

Great! We love to answer questions. Please come and speak with us on our Discord server. Alternatively, take a look at the Ahoypedia. It’s an on-going work-in-progress, which plans to outline much of the larger concepts of Ahoy.

Thank you for your interest in our project!