Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ahoy?

Ahoy is an ambitious project, which is attempting to faithfully recreate the living experience of the late 18th century. The game takes place in roughly 1770-1780, and covers a period of great conflict, the rise of new powers, and the fall of older ones.

Its scope is large, and plans to cover the entirety of the Caribbean at a world reduced scale. It will be a multiplayer-first experience, which almost always requires some amount of cooperation between you and your crew to properly sail ships of various sizes.

The game will be first-person, and focus on player interactions with their environment, including direct control over ship navigation, cannons, pumps, sails, and more. The larger game-play loop will involve contributing to a dynamic political sphere, where nation actions will impact diplomacy, military standing, and control over important ports and trade routes.

When will Ahoy release?

We do not currently have a planned release date. Please keep an eye on the timeline for the latest information on where we are in the development process.

What is ‘Arena’ and ‘S&C’?

Arena and S&C (Sailing & Combat), are almost the same thing. In our first versions of Ahoy, we will be releasing a lobby-based deathmatch experience, where two teams can crew our first ship (Nemesis) and fight it out in the open waters. The focus of this is to ensure sailing and combat gameplay is functional and fun. ‘S&C’ refers to the internal prototype of these features. ‘Arena’ refers to the eventual public release of this version of the game.

What is ‘P.W.’ / ‘Persistent World’ / ‘Full Ahoy’?

P.W. (Persistent World or ‘Full Ahoy’) is the final eventual planned release of Ahoy. The full expected experience of sailing, trading, ports, exploration, combat, progression, etc. This is the ‘pie in the sky’ concept, where we get to explore the game in a more persistent way. When this version releases, it will not replace ‘Arena’.

What nations can we play as?

In the C&S Prototype, which will eventually become ‘Arena’ mode, the first version will only allow you to play as the British or French navy. In the Persistent World, you will be able to play as a British, French, American, Spanish or Dutch national. Additionally, you will be able to choose to live life outside of these nations, whether that is to explore piracy, or private merchant endeavors.

What year is Ahoy set in?

Ahoy takes place in 1780. However certain aspects of the game (such as ships, weapons, uniform) can be taken from the period between 1770 to 1785. The current plan for the Persistent World is that the year will progress over time allowing the introduction of new ships, tech and historical figures, however this is just a concept, and whether this remains the case is still to be decided.

Can I play Ahoy in third person?

Simple answer to this is no. In regular play, you will always experience Ahoy in first person. However, there are certain cases where this might change. For example, if you are viewing the ship from the crows nest (when out of combat), when viewing your own character’s clothing/appearance, and during certain cinematics or cutscenes (where applicable)


Can I play Ahoy in solo / offline / singleplayer?

There are no current plans to allow an offline or singleplayer mode for Ahoy. Both the ‘Arena’ and ‘Persistent World’ will require some form of connectivity. Playing Ahoy by yourself is not the intended experience, however it might be possible to crew smaller ships by yourself with the assistance of a fully AI crew. This is yet to be decided and will be considered from a balancing perspective. The intended Ahoy experience will always be with other players, whether friends or brought together through Ahoy itself.


Are you including ‘X’ Ship? (Constitution, Victory, etc.)

There are a few limitations on the ships that are viable additions to the Ahoy fleet. Firstly, the ship must have been in service at some point during the 1770 – 1785 period. Secondly, the ship must not exceed 28 guns. This limitation will hopefully disappear later. Thirdly, the ship should have ideally seen service in the West Indies during the above years. Ships that have had this service history will be prioritized over ones which haven’t. Finally, the ship must have a good amount of reference material freely available. Original plans, contemporary paintings, documentation about dimensions, etc.

Is there a Patreon / Kickstarter?

Currently there are no plans to run a kickstarter or crowd funding campaign. Soon, there will be a Patreon in which contributions will go towards development costs (software licenses, research materials), and potentially additional development assistance in future (freelance/contract developers). More information about when the Patreon will be live will be shared soon


Can I help the team?

A project like this always needs support! At the moment we are recruiting additional developers in programming, 3D, VFX, sound, and more. Please directly contact Tyler via private message if you think you have a skill the project could benefit from. Please be aware that at this time all contributions to the project are volunteer only.


Which ships are currently planned / made for Ahoy?

The currently (art) complete ships include:

Phoebus (HMS Pandora)

Nemesis (French ship Tapageur)

Alert (HMS Alert)

Veloce (HMS Speedy)

The first ship to be available in ‘Arena’ mode will be Nemesis.
The others will follow in time. The full list of (currently) planned ships can be found here:

I have more questions for you…

Great! We love to answer questions. Please come and speak with us on our Discord server. Alternatively, take a look at the Ahoypedia. It’s an on-going work-in-progress, which plans to outline much of the larger concepts of Ahoy.

Thank you for your interest in our project!